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Email Appending Services: The right choice for accelerating email campaign effectiveness

Finding easy solutions to outdated database challenges with timely email appends

We can brag about the perks of b2b email marketing and the need to append email address lists - but feel that we can be heard better when backed by data. So here are some interesting facts for you to consider:

  • Over 91% consumers check their emails on a daily basis
  • Over 73% marketers consider email marketing core to their business
  • Emails have pushed over 66% online consumers to make a purchase

So now that we have got you interested, let's talk about our e-appending services.

Understanding how to Append Email Addresses

At BtoB Global we don't really want to talk about the nuances of email appending, but let's understand how e-appending is what businesses require. Let's assume that you have been in the business for some time and have an in-house customer database. Your database contains details like name, telephone numbers and postal addresses - that is, data that support traditional direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. But what about expanding your reach by trying a different marketing channel? Collaborating with us and letting us add new email addresses to your database, will only help campaigns to achieve more. So what's stopping you from an email address append?

We are after all here to help you - so choose right!

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How Email Append Services will benefit your business

And we are glad that you want to go for an e-mail append. So here's to how our B2B email appending services will help your business:

  • Save marketing costs
  • Improve campaign response and ROI by avoiding email bounces
  • Engage customers through targeted email campaigns
  • Accelerate campaign leads for sales and conversions
  • Nurture leads through repeated and solicited communications
  • Connect with new prospects to grow audience base
  • Create brand awareness through integrated online/offline strategies etc.

Trusting BtoB Global as the best Email Appending Company

And now is the time when we do a little bit talking about our email appending service and why you should choose BtoB Global:

  • We offer permission based data with double opt-ins (on request)
  • We can e-append lists as per: industry, geography, titles, companies and other categories
  • All matches are run through suppression files, checked for Do-Not-Email and unsubscribes
  • Each email appending request is completed by sending a welcome mail
  • Pricing policy for our email append service is flexible as we charge only for what we deliver

So now that all the talks are over it's time for you to CONTACT US for a free quote or dial our number (425) 230-4404

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