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Campaign Mapping

Mapping your campaigns to your business needs remains a great challenge for marketers. A campaign when launched needs to be consistent with the personas of your buyers, target audience and future customers.

BtoB Global campaign mapping experts are adept at helping you with mapping your campaigns to your target audience. Our systematic approach will help you to identify the course of your marketing campaign, find the loops and fill them with ease. Within the mapping process, we also incorporate necessary tweaks to your campaign according to the changes in the buyer personas and profiles.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, efficient and flawless campaign mapping process
  • Creation of niche personas of buyers based on web traffic analysis
  • Extensive market research and competitor analyses done for better mapping
  • Separate mapping process for individual campaigns

Salient Features

  • Specialized mapping services
  • Better communication with leads and prospects
  • Easy tracking of the entire campaign
  • Identifying target audience while mapping

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