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Data & Analytics


Understanding demographics helps you understand the customer’s lifestyle and income group. You can precisely determine products or services that are going to click with them. It gives you both, the big picture view and a personal account of your target consumers. Besides, it helps you to offer customized products or services to them.


Segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender, family size, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality. But the most important segmentation is on income groups and buying patterns. All this will help you understand the lifestyles and purchasing power of your targets.

BI for Decision Making

Business Intelligence collates all information from primary and secondary research and converts it into useful insights for decision making. Our in-depth research on market and consumer behavior helps clients make the best-in-situation business decisions.

BICE (Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence)

BICE is an extension of our core marketing servicing team. It does not provide just Research Solutions but actually helps clients meet their end objectives.

Some of our BICE capabilities are:

Data Collection

Online Survey l Field Data Collection lDesk Research l Telephonic Interviews l Face-to Face Interviews l Group Discussion l Public Forums

Research Services

Pricing Research l Compensation and Benefit StudylSME Research l Benchmarking StudylCompany Profiling l Buyer Decision Processl Consumer Satisfaction Research l On Demand Research l Feasibility Studies l Talent Mapping l B2B Research

Value Added Services

Survey Management Tools l Executive BrieflAdditional Insights and Trends l Syndicated Reportl Recruitment Intelligence

Report & Analysis

Data Analysis and Interpretationl Reporting lCompetitive Analysis

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