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Data Appedning Services

Refresh your data

Imagine you have a prospect database that has essential contact details missing. It might also have other demographics incorrect or missing information such as location, SIC code, designation or zip code.

BtoB Global offers Data Affix – a service that will add the demographics missing in your contact database. Through automated and manual process our data experts scrutinize your data and rejuvenate it with fresh information.


  • Increase chances of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Track down wrong data and updates it with deliverable contact information
  • Instantly updates latest information for any marketing campaigns
  • Add missing contact details to your database through data appending


  • Adds correct information to each record and removes redundant entries
  • Cleanse existing data of any errors, duplicates, or any data formatting errors
  • Remove duplicate data, locates missing elements in each record

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