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Data Profiling Services

Strengthen your targeted marketing through dynamic data profiling

Most businesses face problems when they end up with bad data. The result: not being able to reach their targets effectively and passing the right message to the wrong people. BtoB Global helps companies to efficiently and accurately uncover new markets through data profiling services.

We use your business information to analyze your existing customer base and find new customer traits, and behaviors. Based on the results from customer profiling, we help you locate new customers and reach new business markets. Through effective customer profiling tools you can uncover purchase trends, business trends, and much more.


  • Discover hidden customer traits and patterns in your data
  • Identify insights from data and help locate new tends, preferences
  • Categorize customers based on specific business segments
  • Discover best customers and frequent buyers


  • Automated tool deliver immediate customer profiling
  • Create essential traits of customers in less time
  • Accelerate the implementation of enterprise-wide data management
  • Perform variety of analysis based on business rules and patterns

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