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Data Assessment FAQs

Q1. How long does your email match process take?

Email/data matching process take from 2 business days to 10 days depending upon the complexity and size of the data. In some case we can deliver your file within 24 hours. Due to diversity of task, the time to complete the job too will extend.

Q2. What is the size of your master database?

Our business-to-business database consists of over 35 million business records segmented by different business. Our in-depth business segments allow you to reach new business markets by targeting selective markets

Q3. What is the validity of the new email address?

Email address has very high churn rate. Typically email address changes from 1-4% a month.

Q4. How regularly do you update your database?

We update our database on a monthly basis.

Q5. How do I send data for email/data matching/cleansing?

You can upload your data either through

Q6. What is your average email match rate for a BtoB file?

Our email match percentage for business-to-business record fetch around 45-85% .Our match rate for BtoB data depends a lot on the quality of the data and the match rates continue to grow with the foundation of our data.

Q7. Is my data secure?

Data transferred from your PC is encrypted using standard encryption coding. This ensures 100% security of the data.

Q8. Can I check on the progress of my job?

You can check the status of your work any time during the business hours. Our data analysts working on your project will report on the progress and the estimated time of completion.

Q9. Where does your data come from?

We populate our data from internal research, magazine subscriber list, Government records, vendors and through licensing arrangements with network vendors.

Q10. How much does the service cost?

Our quotes are based on the data volume, and availability of data. We start by studying your data. Based on the examination of your project, we give a detailed project estimate that includes the process and expected outcome (final results).

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