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Lead Nurturing Software

Making your leads committed to you. And your business.

Proper nurturing of leads helps you to establish a firmer relationship with them and makes it easy to convert them into customers. It involves establishing the first contact with the leads and generates result-oriented conversation with them.

Nurturing leads is often a complicated process and requires close follow-ups and exceptional understanding of the leads funnel. BToB Global offers expert lead nurturing services that will help you to track, identify and analyze leads present in your basket and make faster sales.


  • Nurturing of leads through centralized automation tool that integrates your sales and marketing efforts
  • Track lead performance real-time and identify areas of improvement in your campaign
  • Get lead’s data in simple, easy-to-understand format that will allow faster and easier interpretation
  • Get finer details such as open rates, unsubscribe rates, email bounces, lead scores etc instantly


  • Interactive and easy-to-use feature
  • Fast creation customized reports
  • Track behavior of each lead individually
  • Robust platform for managing your entire base of leads

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