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Lead Tracking Software

Analytical tracking of leads for a shorter and smarter sales cycle

Lead tracking forms a major part of any lead nurturing campaign. Tracking leads gives a fuller picture of how your leads are performing and in which buying stage they fall into. It also helps the sales team identify on which lead they should put more effort and which ones can be kept on hold.

BtoB Global provides lead tracking services that will help you simplify your campaigns and make it more result-driven. Our lead tracking system will help you identify the drawbacks of your campaign and take necessary precautionary action.


  • Segment leads by assigning them valid scores. Such a scoring system will help you build a detailed lead management process
  • Track performance of leads based on their scores. A streamlined tracking system will allow distinguishing between the high performing and low performing leads
  • Get detailed analytics like open rates, unsubscribe rates, lead qualification etc. for a more accurate idea of the nurturing process
  • Integrate data from lead nurturing and sales process for a more comprehensive and shorter sales cycle


  • Sales-oriented tracking of leads
  • Individual tracking of leads to cover the entire leads database
  • Gain more insights of your leads through smart analytics system
  • Get track data in a format of your choice

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