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Case Studies

Analytics showed that client’s website had visitors, but the bounce rate was alarming. Prospective students were not pleased by the content on the site, and conveyed their displeasure through feedback. As a result client was having a hard time in enrolling new students for their new batch of executive courses. Read More


The success of any online marketing business depends a great deal on making a visitor show interest in purchasing the product or service. Or a lot on getting the information that they are looking for. There are numerous lead generation strategies in the market that can be used to produce maximum number of leads. Read More

White Papers

Marketers and Salespeople are not necessarily like oil and water but more like two sides of a coin, whichever side you use, the value still remains the same. Read More

Corporate Brochure

Imagine you have a prospect database that has essential contact We believe in developing ever-lasting relationship with our clients. The right business approach comes through not just building fruitful networks of clients, but also in nurturing them, so that they stay with you forever. Read More

Process Charts

Data forms the back bone of the email marketing process. At BtoB Global our data hygiene process ensures that every contact in the list is verified, original, checked for duplicates and adds value to the email marketing campaign. Read More


Get crucial data and vital information through attractive infographics. Read More

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