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Secondary Research

Market Assessment Reports

Assessing business opportunities requires studying the market and its competitive environment profoundly. But most importantly, it involves understanding how customers behave in the market. Market Assessment helps answer these crucial questions and overrules gut feelings and estimates.

We offer the following Market Assessment Reports to help you make a strong business plan.

  • Industry Reports
  • Competitive Reports
  • Target Market Reports

Market Entry Reports

Timing, competition-oriented measurements and the ability to leverage complementary assets are crucial to making a market entrant successful. From geographic expansion to new products to diversification efforts; from pricing factors to revenue models – everything requires prompt and detailed analysis. We study, analyze and outline a variety of market entry vehicles for you. We perform a cross-section of activities.

  • Primary research first-hand fact finding
  • Secondary research for market data
  • Comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy
  • Extensive report on staffing and lead generation

Industry Review Reports

Industry Reports are powerful tools that provide business analytics and strategic insight for all the major industries. We offer extensive, objective and to-the-point reports using the latest metrics and content. Be it the latest industry trends, the indices in the share market or the impact of government regulations – we cover and capture it all.

Following are the some of the industries that we covered:

  • Automobile
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • IT
  • Telecom
  • Media and Entertainment
Advertising and Marketing Computer Software Food Wholesalers
Agricultural Chemical Computer Software Stores Fruit Vegetable Processing
Apparel Manufacturing Construction Sector Grocery Stores Supermarkets
Automotive Parts and Accessories Consumer Electronics Appliances Stores Home Healthcare Services
Bakery Product Manufacturing Cosmetics Beauty Supply Perfume Stores Hospitals
Battery Manufacturing Department Stores Household Appliance Stores
Beer Wine Distilled Spirits Wholesalers Dermatologist Industrial Equipment Wholesalers
Biotechnology Product Manufacturing Digital Advertising Services Interior Design Services
Biotechnology Research Services Discount Department Stores Internet Mail-Order Retail
Book Publishers Drugstores Internet Service Providers

Competitive Analysis Reports

To ascertain where your products stand in the market, you must know what your competitor is offering. The best way to leverage uniqueness from your products is through side-by-side comparison of the performance benchmark in the market against that of your existing product. And our Competitive Analysis Report helps you to do exactly that.

Key features of our Competitive Analysis Reports are:

  • Identifying competitors and products
  • Competitor strength and weakness
  • Highlighting your competitive edge
  • Best business strategy

Company Profiling & SWOT Analysis Reports

Company Profiling allows you to monitor the essential elements of a successful business such as competitors, prospects, customers and suppliers. It makes an incision into the company’s corporate family structure, makes an assessment of its financial performance and tracks significant news related to that company.

Company Profiling helps you in doing a realistic SWOT Analysis for your company. You realize your strengths, understand your weaknesses, identify opportunities and foresee business threats. And you can confidently seize a lucrative position in the market.

  • Snapshot of top line data
  • Evaluation of business opportunities
  • Marketing and brand positioning strategy

Online Panel Services

Online Panel Services is gaining new ground in the market research industry. It helps companies know the perception and attitudes of people who are usually reluctant to cooperate during the telephone surveys. With respondents, we conduct permission-based surveys, which have profiling questionnaire on demographics, lifestyle and behavior.

Key benefits of online panel services:

  • Cost effective model for obtaining customer insights
  • Quick and accurate data collections
  • Quality research and time efficiency

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