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Press Release Writing

You are judged by the news you make in the global arena

In order to create a positive brand image it’s important to be in the news.

Press Release can do much more than grabbing media’s attention. It’s the key to create a positive brand image. Writing a press release is much more than just describing the product. It’s also important to comply with readers hunger to get more information and to satisfy them. A good media release engages its reader and makes them seek more information about your products and services.

BtoB Global offers Press Release writing solution that easy and affordable. We can draft press releases quicker than it takes time to spread. Our expert press release writers ensure delivering the right material that takes your brand image ahead of your competitors.

Key Benefits

  • Display your values, vision and USP’s
  • Improve your brand’s perception
  • Send the first word across the globe
  • Announcements like product release, acquisitions etc.

Salient Features

  • Conveys communication
  • Quality content
  • Submission on online press release directories
  • Press release written in 48 hours

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