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Terms and Conditions

BtoB Global is subject to revise and update its site content periodically. Please go through the following in detail, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. By accessing and using this website, we assume that you agree to our Terms and conditions.


All content, text, logo, design and functionality on our website are the exclusive property of BtoB Global, and are subject to copyright laws. All rights are reserved.

Use of Site Content

BtoB Global grants you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to display, print or download site’s content or functionality, provided that the original copyrights and other proprietary notices displayed on the website are not violated. Additionally, you have to ensure that the content is not modified under any circumstances. You are not allowed to post, distribute, reproduce or modify the website content in any form without prior written consent from BtoB Global. Posting controversial, obscene or defamatory content, attempt to interrupt or interrupt smooth functioning of this website in any way will call for strict action under jurisdiction.

Notice of Infringement

Posting of any information or content, even though vaguely similar to our site by any person or entity will be considered as a violation of the copyright rules and/or other intellectual property rights. In such circumstances, notice of infringement of copyright and intellectual property right will be issued to the concerned entity or individual by BtoB Global.


BtoB Global will need access to certain details about the client’s company, its future plans, business strategies, and other such confidential information for marketing purpose. These details will also be needed to ensure successful website design, development and maintenance. BtoB Global assures that none of the Confidential Information will be disclosed or divulged to any third party without prior written consent. Also, information received from a third party, published or displayed in the public domain or previously known to BtoB Global won’t be considered as Confidential.

Pricing and Payments

BtoB Global reserves the right to decide cost of its products/services, and increase them in future. In case of a price rise, clients will be provided with a notice in advance, with an option to opt-out of the agreement.

In case Client doesn’t repay the dues, BtoB Global reserves the right to bring the website down and discontinue its services. To revive the subscription fee and get the website started again, Client may need to pay a one-time fee and revised subscription fee.

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