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Web Analytics Services

Capturing Visitor’s Behavior and Actions to Offer Enhanced Site Experience

Web Analytics is an effective tool to capture insightful data about users’ actions on the website. It analyses visitor’s behavioral patterns on the basis of bounce rate, page views, number of unique visitors, number of clicks, landing pages, abandoned sales and exit pages etc. These statistics are used to formulate key performance metrics for the website, and optimize its conversion rate and traffic.

BtoB Global helps clients integrate data relevant for their business and understand key performance indicators for the website. Appropriate implementation of web analytics ensures that inaccurate data and attribution problems don’t surface, and web quality is assured.

Key Benefits of Web Analytics

  • Data showcasing present state of your business, and how it can be improved
  • Key insights on how customers behave online, what type of content is rewarded and which website paths that garner maximum conversion
  • Improvement in process efficiency and business ROI due to increase in number of visitors to the site
  • Decrease in bounce rate and increase in time spent on the site

Salient Features

  • Key insights about user behavior
  • Apt for business intelligence
  • Innovative solutions with negligible operational headache
  • Quick turn around time

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