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BtoB Marketing 101

Having good BtoB marketing strategies are not enough. It is a mere attempt to influence people to think about your product or service. What you need is something striking so that you can focus on creating a favorable marketing framework.

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It’s not about Marketing Campains or Sales Targets, It’s about Business Impact!

Marketers and Salespeople are not necessarily like oil and water but more like two sides of a coin, whichever side you use, the value still remains the same. One of the major challenges faced by every organization is alignment of marketing and sales together. Those who succeed in bridging the gap are case studies in their very own right!

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How to generate leads through email marketing - The art of fishing customers

Lead generation through email marketing is like throwing bait into water. You never know how big your catch is going to be until you pull that string up. This process could be made easier with the right approach.

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The Saga of The Postman Vs. ESPs

Behind every successful email and direct mail is a smart marketer!
Ever since the introduction of the Internet, there has been a constant contention between direct mail and email in B2B marketing. While most companies combine both direct mail and email marketing, there is an inclination towards emailing as it is considered as a cost-effective option. Detailed further in this document, we will explore the pros and cons of direct mail and email marketing.

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